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In today’s world, innovation is heralded as one of the cornerstones of success. Pioneers in the field of Teaching and Learning have been leading the way by exploiting many innovative ideas and practices. Accelerated adoptions of these novel implementations indicate their universal acceptance. In comparison, at a national level, exposure to many of such Teaching and Learning Innovation can only be deemed as nominal. That is why, this event will attempt to underscore the significance of these methods as well as to apprise the implications to a wider audience right here in Bangladesh.


The prime objective of Innovative Teaching & Learning Expo (ITLE) is to bring all Principals, Teachers and Students (P,T&S) to a common platform where they will get to showcase their ideas and projects related to innovation. This will definitely give them an opportunity to explore their undiscovered talents through their unique ideas. P,T&S will get an opportunity to exchange their authentic innovative ideas and gladly share their best practices to nurture within themselves, the leaders of tomorrow. At the same time P,T&S will be given the floor through plenary sessions, to discuss or exchange their inspiring views and directly ask questions to the industry leaders or established entrepreneurs affiliated with the world of innovation. Seminars and workshops by renowned speakers and educators will provide the much needed expertise which will be extremely useful for the P,T&S in their training programs. They will learn a great deal about the latest trends in the field of innovation. This will help them grow with the effective and efficient use of latest technologies in innovation that are used, to upgrade the model of global education..

ITLE is the doorway in Bangladesh towards that innovative model.